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2021 Prize Winners

Club Awards


Theme of the Year – Best Dressed       

  • Premier 1 Women

Dave Hunton Memorial Tankard - Best Trainer

  • Jay Kanji

Contribution to Coaching

  • Rory Yates

Contribution to Junior and Senior Hockey - Marion & Bill Webb Trophy

  • Michelle & Ian Greenwood

Contribution to Umpiring

  • Mallory Barnett

Club Loyalty - Dave Hunton Memorial Trophy

  • Shaun Rees

HDF Supporters Award

  • Bill & Marion Webb


Greatest Comeback Award - Bosman Family Trophy

  • Courtney Winterbottom

Most Improved Women’s Team

  • Premier 2 Women - White

Most Improved Men’s Team

  • Division 2 Men - White

Most Promising Women’s Player

  • Kaitlin Cotter

Most Promising Men’s Player

  • Connor Greentree

Women's Player of the Year 

  • Olivia Merry

Men's Player of the Year 

  • Nick Wilson

Team of the Year

  • Premier 1 Women

President’s Award

  • Tracy Ware

Team Awards

Premier 1 Women

Coach:  Daniel Wood & Mitch Hayde

Most Improved Player:  Ruby Worrall

Most Valuable Player:  Hannah Williamson

Player of the Year:  Madeleine Williamson

Premier 2 Women - White

Coach:  Bronwyn & Shaun Rees

Most Improved Player:  Jasmine Ha

Most Valuable Player:  Carrie Lindsay

Player of the Year:  Anna Schollum

Premier 2 Women - Maroon

Coaches:  Hannah Williamson & Kim Gilfillan

Most Improved Player:  Bella Holt

Most Valuable Player:  Keturah Williams

Player of the Year:  Saskia Feltham

Premier 3 Women

Coach:  Debbie Neal

Most Improved Player:  Nelita Pistorius

Most Valuable Player:  Rachael Barrie

Player of the Year:  Jordan Davies

Division 1 Women - White

Coach:  Bianca Russell

Most Improved Player:  Sharleen Yalden

Most Valuable Player:  Kristin Weitz

Player of the Year:  Katie McLiver

Division 1 Women - Maroon

Coach:  Shaun (Furbie) Mills

Most Improved Player:  Tamsin Lockie

Most Valuable Player:  Charla Edwin

Player of the Year:  Rachel Segar

Division 2 Women - White

Coach:  Kristy Randall

Most Improved Player:  Tara Melhopt

Most Valuable Player:  Sarah Jenkins

Player of the Year:  Nicola Robins

Division 2 Women - Maroon

Coach:  Tracy Ware

Most Improved Player:  Madison Mills

Most Valuable Player:  Brooke Peacock

Player of the Year:  Chelsea Gosden

Division 3 Women

Coach:  Erin Hornsby

Most Improved Player:  Bryony Smith

Most Valuable Player:  Laura O'Hagan

Player of the Year:  Deborah Allaker

Premier 1 Men

Coach:  Sam Bartholomew

Most Improved Player:  Johnny Bates

Most Valuable Player:  Mitchell Ottow

Player of the Year:  Tim Neild

Premier 2 Men

Coach:  Shaun & Bronwyn Rees

Most Improved Player:  Eddy Van Oosten

Most Valuable Player:  James Hornsby

Player of the Year:  James Cornelius

Premier 3 Men

Coach:  Dan Kane

Most Improved Player:  Brent Sharpe

Most Valuable Player:  Bradden Moore

Player of the Year:  Simon Thomas

Division 1 Men

Coach:  Rory Yates

Most Improved Player:  Jack McMinn

Most Valuable Player:  Cullen Rhind

Player of the Year:  Colby Mills

Division 2 Men - White

Coach:  Kevin Silver & Shaun (Furbie) Mills

Most Improved Player:  Luke Walsh

Most Valuable Player:  Blair Dunbar

Player of the Year:  JA Hoogenboezem

Division 2 Men - Maroon

Coach:  Merv Huxford & Ian Greenwood

Most Improved Player:  Nathan Travis

Most Valuable Player:  Mike Andrews

Player of the Year:  Zane Robson

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