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2013 Prize Winners

Team Awards

Women’s Senior Three

coached by Georgie Stein & Sam Leuthard

Most Improved Player – Andrea Harker
Most Valuable Player – Pam Darby
Player of the Year – Kathy Proffit

Women’s Senior Two Maroon

coached by Dan Kane & Matt Goodwin

Most Improved Player – Rhiannon Mason
Most Valuable Player – Rinette Swanepoel
Player of the Year – Nicky Murden

Women’s Senior Two White

coached by Colin Chester

Most Improved Player –- Stephanie Baldwin
Most Valuable Player – Rebecca Robins
Player of the Year – Claire Hempel

Men’s Senior Two Black

social team

Most Improved Player – Mitchell Carlyle
Most Valuable Player –Jamie Gemming
Player of the Year – Tony Carlyle

Men’s Senior Two Maroon

coached by Merv Huxford

Most Improved Player – Don Wickramasinghe
Most Valuable Player – Haydn Baucke
Player of the Year – Matt MacKinnon

Men’s Senior Two White

coached by Paul Stevens & Sam Baker

Most Improved Player – Alister McCallum
Most Valuable Player – Scott Evans
Player of the Year – Jack Hooper

Women’s Senior One Maroon

coached by Roger Taylor

Most Improved Player – Cherie Allaker
Most Valuable Player – Laura McKissock
Player of the Year – Kobi Gosden

Women’s Senior One White

coached by Debbie Pigou & Rory Yates

Most Improved Player – Georgina Stein
Most Valuable Player – Kristen Weitz
Player of the Year – Alana Lloyd

Men’s Senior One

coached by Rory Yates

Most Improved Player – Bradley Taniora
Most Valuable Player – Ray Scott
Player of the Year –Dan Kane

Women’s Premier Reserve Maroon

coached by Tama Walters

Most Improved Player – Georgia Hawley
Most Valuable Player – Whitney Poaru
Player of the Year – Analise Lockie

Women’s Premier Reserve White

coached by Jules Bavister & Bronnie Rees

Most Improved Player – Tegan Edmonds
Most Valuable Player – Bronwyn Rees
Player of the Year – Carrie Committie

Men’s Premier Reserve

coached by Stephen Graham

Most Improved Player – Troy Mansfield
Most Valuable Player – Paul Stevens
Player of the Year – James Hornsby

Women’s Premier

coached by James Coughlan

Most Improved Player – Mattea Harris
Most Valuable Player – Suzette Nightingale
Player of the Year – Selina Scampton-Barrow

Men’s Premier

coached by Stephen Graham

Most Improved Player – Shaun Dedekind
Most Valuable Player – Carter Croft
Player of the Year – Rowan Kvalsvig

Sticks Donated by Chester Plumbing

Thanks to Colin Chester

Senior Three – Natalie Smith
Senior Two Maroon – Jo Geare
Senior Two White – Leila McCracken
Senior One Maroon – Chrissy Tibble
Senior One White – Nicky Stuart

Players Hockey Winners

Thanks to our sponsor

Stick won by Rhiannon Mason
Stick bag won by Shaun Rees
Stick won by Mitchell Ottow

Club Awards

Dave Hunton Memorial Trophy Best Trainer – Don Weller
Theme of Year Best Dressed – Women’s Premier Reserve Maroon
Pub Crawl – Boat Race Winner Mug – Senior Two Men White
Club Night Beer Pong Champs – Senior Two Men White

Most Improved Men’s Team – Men’s Senior Two Black
Most Improved Women’s Team – Premier Women

Team of the Year – Men’s Premier Reserve

Contribution to Senior & Junior Hockey Donated by Bill & Marion Webb – awarded to Colin Chester & Tama Walters

Goad Family Contribution to Coaching – Steve Graham

Club Women’s Most Promising – Hannah Williamson & Stephanie Dickins
Club Men’s Most Promising – Mitchell Ottow

Club Women’s Player of the Year – Tara Hall
Club Men’s Player of the Year – for their overall contribution awarded to Roger Taylor & Dan Kane

Club Loyalty Award Donated by Hunton Family – Bronwyn Rees
President’s Award – Paul Stevens

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