HDF Raffle

Congratulations to our winners – we will be in touch to arrange your prize.

1st Prize:         $2000              0540: Jason

2nd Prize:        $1500              1915: Brock / Yvonne Clarke

3rd Prize:         $1000              1657: Maree Mcliver

4th Prize:         $500                1903: Teri Arundel

5th Prize:         $100                2932: Taryn Davis

6th Prize:         $100                1480: Jan Lewis

7th Prize:         $100                1652: Lisa Mcliver

8th Prize:         $100                2675: Irene Purdie

9th Prize:         $100                2033: Natalie Bullent

10th Prize:       $100                2196: Mike Petrie


MOST TICKETS SOLD: Amelia Clements

Funds raised from this initiative will go a long way towards covering our operating costs, and allow us to make some purchases, such as new training gear and overall, help keep our fees down!