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2017 Prize Winners

Team Awards

Senior Three Women

coached by Kristy Randall        

  • Most Improved Player: Phoebe McDonald-Sporle

  • Most Valuable Player: Erin Hornsby

  • Player of the Year: Claire Campbell

Senior Three Men

coached by Colin Sharpe

  • Most Improved Player: Anton Guthrie

  • Most Valuable Player: Roger Taylor

  • Player of the Year: Jack Rolfe

Senior Two Black Women

coached by Furby

  • Most Improved Player: Taryn Davis

  • Most Valuable Player: Lauren Scott-Haylock

  • Player of the Year: Carolyn Davies


Senior Two Maroon Women

coached by Roger Taylor and Abby McNae

  • Most Improved Player: Elle Morley

  • Most Valuable Player: Tracey Sharpe

  • Player of the Year: Mackenzie Harvey & Danielle Wheeler


Senior Two White Women

coached by Mikey Brocklesby

  • Most Improved Player: Kimberly Machado

  • Most Valuable Player: Hayley Hyde

  • Player of the Year: Saskia Feltham


Senior Two Men

coached by Neil Bosman

  • Most Improved Player: Joshua Hoareau

  • Most Valuable Player: Darryll Hollamby

  • Player of the Year: Michael Jeram


Senior One Maroon Women

coached by Rory Yates

  • Most Improved Player: Rochelle Pitout

  • Most Valuable Player: Sophie Arundel-Clarke

  • Player of the Year: Georgia Rensen


Senior One White Women

coached by Sam Leuthard

  • Most Improved Player: Emily Thompson

  • Most Valuable Player: Amelia Clements

  • Player of the Year: Frances Searle


Senior One Men

coached by Debbie Pigou

  • Most Improved Player: Joshua Hayward

  • Most Valuable Player: Ray Scott

  • Player of the Year: Simon Thomas

Premier Reserve Maroon Women

coached by Debbie Pigou and Dan Kane

  • Most Improved Player: Caitlin McKissock

  • Most Valuable Player: Sam Leuthard

  • Player of the Year: Jess Irvine


Premier Reserve White Women

coached by Bronnie Rees & Paul Stevens

  • Most Improved Player: Amy Kvalsvig

  • Most Valuable Player: Madee Forbes

  • Player of the Year: Jessica Jones


Premier Reserve Men

coached by Bronnie Rees & Shaun Dedekind

  • Most Improved Player: Mitchell Bremner

  • Most Valuable Player: Will Dowden

  • Player of the Year: Shaun Rees


Premier Women

coached by James Coughlan

  • Most Improved Player: Alyssa Earnshaw

  • Most Valuable Player: Hattie Jones

  • Player of the Year: Stephanie Dickins

Premier Men –
sponsored by Nicki Wadley Financial Services

coached by Mitch Hayde

  • Most Improved Player: Jayant Kanji

  • Most Valuable Player: Nick Wilson

  • Player of the Year: Kalyan Jeram


Theme of the Year – Best Dressed

  • Reserve Maroon Women

Pub Crawl – Boat Race Winner Mug

  • Premier Men

Dave Hunton Memorial Tankard - Best Trainer

  • Shaun ‘Furby’ Mills

Most Improved Women’s Team

  • Senior 2 Black Women

Most Improved Men’s Team

  • Senior 3 Men

Most Promising Women’s Player

  • Kate Ivory

Most Promising Men’s Player

  • Kalyan Jeram

Player of the Year – Women

  • Stephanie Dickins

Player of the Year – Men

  • George Enerson

Team of the Year

  • Premier Women

Contribution to Coaching

  • Debbie Pigou

Marion & Bill Webb Trophy – Contribution to Junior and Senior Hockey

  • Roger Taylor

Contribution to Umpiring

  • Ricardo Lewis

Club Loyalty - Dave Hunton Memorial Trophy

  • Shuan ‘Furby’ Mills and Lauren Scott-Haylock

HDF Supporters Award

  • Tori & Sophie Arundel

President’s Award

  • Samantha Russell

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