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2015 Prize Winners

Team Awards

Women’s Senior Three

coached by Rachel Anderson        

  • Most Improved Player: Taryn Davis

  • Most Valuable Player: Cherie Peters

  • Player of the Year: Andrea Harker

Women’s Senior Two Maroon

coached by Georgina Stein & Rory Yates

  • Most Improved Player: Jade Bosman

  • Most Valuable Player: Mel Randall

  • Player of the Year: Nicole Archer

Women’s Senior Two White

coached by Mikey Brocklesby

  • Most Improved Player: Breanna Baxter

  • Most Valuable Player: Alida Voschezang

  • Player of the Year: Terryn Choat

Men’s Senior Two Maroon

coached by Colin Sharpe

  • Most Improved Player: Mitch Carlyle

  • Most Valuable Player: David Brockelsby

  • Player of the Year: Cam Print

Men’s Senior Two White

coached by Roger Taylor

  • Most Improved Player: Jono Hohaia

  • Most Valuable Player: Haydn Baucke

  • Player of the Year: Finn Wingate

Women’s Senior One Maroon

coached by Sam Leuthard & Brad Neal

  • Most Improved Player: Merrin Van Niekerk

  • Most Valuable Player: Sam Russell

  • Player of the Year: Alex Murden

Women’s Senior One White

coached by Roger Taylor

  • Most Improved Player: Georgie Stein

  • Most Valuable Player: Rachael Smith

  • Player of the Year: Rachel Saunders

Men’s Senior One

coached by Paul Stevens

  • Most Improved Player: Neil Bosman

  • Most Valuable Player: Jack Hooper

  • Player of the Year: Mikey Brockelsby

Women’s Premier Reserve Maroon

coached by Debbie Pigou

  • Most Improved Player: Rachel Anderson

  • Most Valuable Player: Sandra Partridge & Jenny Pigou

  • Player of the Year: Sam Leuthard

Women’s Premier Reserve White

coached by Bronnie Rees& Sharon Williamson

  • Most Improved Player: Hattie Jones

  • Most Valuable Player: Monica Boylan

  • Player of the Year: Madeleine Williamson

Men’s Premier Reserve

coached by Paul Stevens

  • Most Improved Player: Liam WIlliams

  • Most Valuable Player: Shaun Dedekind

  • Player of the Year: Stephen Cameron

Women’s Premier

coached by James Coughlan

  • Most Improved Player: Annalise Lockie

  • Most Valuable Player: Kelsey McDonald & Hannah Williamson

  • Player of the Year: Erin Goad

Men’s Premier

coached by Nick Wilson & Mitch Hayde

  • Most Improved Player: JP Rossouw

  • Most Valuable Player: Mitch Hayde

  • Player of the Year: Mark Thorne


Club Trophies

Dave Hunton Memorial Trophy Best Trainer          

Theme of Year Best Dressed                                  Reserve Women Maroon

Pub Crawl – Boat Race Winner Mug                     Premier Men

Most Improved Men’s Team                                 Senior 2 Maroon

Most Improved Women’s Team                           Senior 1 Maroon

Team of the Year                                                     Reserve Women White

Contribution to Senior & Junior Hockey             Mikey Brockelsby

Goad Family Contribution to Coaching              Mitch Hayde

Club Women’s Most Promising                            Courtney Winterbottom

Club Men’s Most Promising                                  Mitchell Ottow 

Club Women’s Player of the Year                         Erin Goad

Club Men’s Player of the Year                               Nick Haig

Club Loyalty Award Donated by Hunton Family The Sharpes

HDF Contribution to Umpiring                             Mallory Barnett

HDF Supporter of the Year                                    The Brockelsby-Taniora Clan

Presidents Award                                                    Debbie Pigou

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